Ironman Essex 990 Inversion Table

The Ironman Essex 990 Inversion Table is an excellent inversion therapy table to help relieve back stress and back pain and provides many health benefits to its users. 

This inversion table is made with a scratch resistant, heavy-duty, rugged steel frame. 

The steel frame is very sturdy and has a coated powder finish that makes it attractive, and easy to clean, and helps to protect it from scratches and damages. 

The manufacturer has created this product for many years of use with its well designed structure and flexibility in stress busting inversion.

The Ironman Essex 990 inversion table helps to improve the overall blood circulation while providing a relaxing stretch of the back and body. 

Because of the improvement in blood circulation, the stiff areas of the body will feel more relaxed and refreshed giving your body an overall feeling and sense of well-being. 

Using this table for a period of just ten minutes a day can have a significant impact in relieving different kinds of stress and body pain especially from the lower back. 

It has also proven to be effective in improving the overall flexibility of muscles and in relaxing tight, sore muscles.


This inversion table was created to provide a safe and satisfying inversion experience to all of its users while achieving maximum results. 

It has been designed for people that are 4’10” to 6’6” in height and under 275 pounds in weight. 

It comes equipped with a soft backrest that is made with a 3/4’’ foam pad, and a set of secure foam rollers and ankle holders.

The soft backrest adds more comfort to the user during the inversion activities, while the secure foam rollers and ankle holders provide additional protection and safety for the user.

Ankle Support


An adjustable strap has been added as a feature of this product to provide control and support of the table while the user is moving into the desired inversion angle. 

This feature is important in changing to different fitness routines and being able to use the proper angle to bring maximum benefit and relief to targeted areas of the body, back and muscles.

The Ironman Essex 990 has foam-covered looped handle bars to help in returning the user to an upright position and a simple release system for removing the ankles from the ankle holders at the end of each inversion session.

Foam Covered Handles

180 Degree Inversion Incline

Ironman Essex 990 is one of most functionally flexible inversion tables that ever came out of Ironman’s famed production lines. 

The table has an inversion incline of 180 degrees, allowing for limitless decompression and elliptical exercising.

180 Degree Inversion

SURELOCK Safety System

The SURELOCK safety system in this inversion table has a double-tooth mechanism for safe inversion therapy. 

The “Palm-Activated” system is easy-to-reach and boosts the security while inverting.

The safety handles are extra-long and are covered with soft-foam grip for ease. 

The safety tether strap controls the angle of inversion and keeps you safe. These safety features make it one of the best inversion tables for home use.

SURELOCK Safety System

Key Features of Ironman Essex 990

Ironman Essex 990


The Ironman Essex 990 inversion table clearly shows that owning this machine will help you ease and even get rid of your back problems.

This inversion table can be used by a person with a back pain after a long day at work and also by someone suffering from major lower back issues.

It has superb safety features and locking facility which keeps you secured even at the maximum inversion angle.

It also relieves stress from hands and ankles while inverting due to its ergonomic build and design.

It is designed with comfort in mind and also caters to space-saving needs.

It is tailored to withstand heavy weights and tall heights as well. It is the new and improved version of the older types of inversion tables.

It’s adjustability makes it a decent budget contender, however it doesn't have the craftmanship, warranty, durabilty or support as the Teeter LX9 or X3 have.

But if you're on a serious budget, it's definitely worth a look.

Very Good

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