Innova Fitness ITX9600 - Easily Relieve Your Back Pain

Backaches can be very inconvenient especially if you are out enjoying your day with friends or having a vacation with the family. 

In connection to that, you should avoid backaches by getting an inversion table. 

Some neurologists or physical therapists would recommend the use of inversion tables like the Innova Fitness to relive your back pains.

Those health practitioners are doing their best in helping you with our health issues, but unfortunately, they cannot do everything to make you feel better if you don’t do your part. 

You have to be responsible for managing your health and wise in making health-related decisions like purchasing the Innova Fitness ITX9600 inversion table.

The Innova Fitness ITX9600 is an affordable but innovative table that is equipped with an actual balance system to make more comfortable inversions for you. It has a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs.

This inversion table is created with durable steel and heavy gauge that makes it durable and sturdy. This table’s back is extra long and wide to offer you more sustainability and stability.

People who use this table will feel relaxed. Unlike other inversion tables, Innova ITX9600 using pin system to adjust the user’s position instead of a strap. 

As a result, it will be effortless for you to guarantee and fix a certain inversion angle every time you use this equipment.

Comfortable & Durable

The set consists of a big padded backrest, handlebars wrapped in soft foam, and thick foam rollers for your legs. 

It will surely make your therapy sessions more comfortable and relaxed.

However, if you are suffering from a medical condition, it may be best for you to consult your doctor before using this equipment. 

Some medical conditions may become worse by using this product, so make sure to seek for your doctor’s advice.

Now you may be wondering how this inversion table works with its innovative 6-position side inversion pin. 

People who have used the product have claimed that the inversion pin is better than the traditional straps because it is easier to adjust.

All you have to do is set the pin to your desired position. You can try out all the positions to know which is the most comfortable and safe position for you.

The thick foam rollers and the soft touch padded handlebars make it effortless for a user to go back to a position and make inversions.

With its size, it could be ideal for people whose heights are ranging from 4 feet and 10 inches to 6 feet and 6 inches tall.

This inversion table is straightforward to store with its foldable frame design. The product also has a one year warranty.

The manufacturer of this inversion table recommends you to perform a complete inversion. 

After doing so, the table will automatically reset itself against the frame. The table can surely give you stable and good leverage while you’re working on your abs. 

Moreover, it can increase your body’s overall strength with coordination and finesse.

Key Features of Innova ITX9600

Comfortable Backrest

One of the features that make this inversion table stand out from the rest is the size of its backrest. 

Even with the numbers of brands going out in the market, it is still difficult to find an inversion table that is large and comfortable. 

The manufacturer made the backrest bigger so it can stay comfortable for a long time when you are on the table upside down.

Multiple Safer Inverting Positions

The Innova ITX9600 is equipped with an adjustable pin system that makes choosing different kinds of inversion positions easier. 

Most brands are using the traditional strap which is suitable for adjusting. However, it is not as good with this table’s safety pin.

The pin can let you choose how long or how far you want to go on your therapy session. 

It is ideal for people who are trying inversion tables for the first time because they can quickly select the perfect angle for them.

High Weight Capacity and More User Height Capability

This table can accommodate almost all users who want to use an inversion table for their workout. It can carry a weight of up to 300 pounds.

People of varying height can also make use of this inversion table without altering anything on the product which means that taller people can use it as well.

Compared to the strap system, the pin system is easier to use. You have to unlock the safety pin and lock it in a position that you prefer. 

This table offers many positions that will make your workout great.

Assembly and Storage

Innova supply a manual with complete instructions and photos on how to assemble the inversion table. 

If you have problems with following the manual, you can always check online as many users have used this product in the past.

This table is also foldable so you can easily store it and save space.

Innova Fitness ITX 9600


The ITX9600 is the ideal inversion table for people who have a tight budget.

Its five-position option, patented protective cover, and adjustable headrest give it some nice touches compared to other inversion tables in the market.

This table is specially designed to make your inversion sessions easier.

We love the extra long and wide backrest that is fully padded.

However, you can't deny it's a budget option and lacks many of the more advanced capabilities, documentation and support.

It also only comes with a one year limited warranty.

We  recommend you take a look at the Teeter LX9 or X3 inversion tables as they offer a better all round experience and product satisfaction.

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