Health Gear ITM5500 Review

The Health Gear ITM5500 Advanced Technology Inversion Table is a comfortable and stylish inversion table that has a very attractive design at very low cost which is under $200. 

The Health Gear ITM 5500 comes with a backrest that has a padded foam of 4” which makes it very comfortable for the user.

In addition to this, it also comes with an optional heat as well as a vibration pad. It can handle a user with a weight of approximately 300 lbs. 

It is ideal for users in the height range of 5’ 1″ to 6’ 5″.

The Health Gear ITM5500 does not come with the regular incline system with a tether strap that is found in other inversion tables. Instead, it comes with a very comfortable side pin.

In contrast to the changes in the tether strap, with the side pin, you need not leave the table to adjust the angle of incline. 

The side pin is used even to curb the inversion angle to either 20, 40 or 60 degrees.


It has been designed quite intelligently to include many premium features that you wish to have in an affordable inversion table. 

The Health Gear ITM 5500 inversion table comes with an in-built integrated massage therapy tool along with heat therapy in addition to the inversion mechanism.

The inversion table has a frame that has been constructed using a heavy-duty steel tube and this frame is powder-coated to avoid it from getting scratches and damaged. 

The frame’s floor support has a raised curve, and this has a good finish and permits further stretching.

It offers you a great massage as well as heat therapy thereby doubling the benefits of buying this inversion table. 

When it comes to the quality of the build of this inversion table or any similar inversion table, those that are inexpensive make use of low-quality parts or components. 

However, with the Health Gear ITM 5500 Inversion Table, you will not face such issues.

The ITM 5500 makes use of high-quality steel for its frame and makes use of smart welding technology when the frame has to be assembled. 

The machine makes use of the best components for its hinges and the inversion mechanism used ensures that the user has a very safe and reliable experience with the table.

Health Gear ITM5500

Ergonomic Design

The Health Gear ITM 5500 Inversion Table has an ergonomic design and comes with a backrest that has a memory-style foam of 4” in addition to a contoured fit that gives the user additional support and comfort.

The massage pad can be adjusted easily and can be removed as well, thereby making it a great lounge chair.

Ankle Support System

The ankle support is of the manual kind and the support pegs have to be adjusted to ensure that the level of tension is perfect. There is a lock button that has to be pressed to get a secure fit and then you can move into the inverted position.

The tension can be adjusted as and when required and you can release yourself swiftly and safely into the upright position with the fear of landing on your head.


When it comes to the process of inversion, it offers a very smooth and comfortable inversion process. For starters, the user can rock himself back to numerous distinct inverted positions manually (all the to a 180° vertical).

The user will have complete control over the angle of inversion and the rate of inversion because this table is a manual system. The user can also benefit from the massage and heat therapy while leveraging on inversion therapy.

Heat & Massage

The Health Gear ITM 5500 Inversion Table comes with a Heat and Vibrating Massage pad that is remote controlled and can be removed. As the pad can be easily removed, the machine can be used on other furniture like your recliner or bed.

A hand controller allows you to change the rate of inversion and adjust it as per your requirement. The massage pad has just 3 functions and the user can control the time, heat and intensity of the pad as per their requirements.


The Health Gear ITM 5500 Inversion Table is foldable. 

It has a space saving design and comes with in-built transport wheels that allow the user to store and relocate the machine very conveniently.

Key Features of the Health Gear ITM5500

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There are plenty of options to select from, especially when it is related to inversion tables with a heat and massage function.

The Health Gear ITM 5500 Inversion Table is quite affordable and has all the good features, thereby making it one amongst the best inversion tables for the year 2020.

You can check our list of some of the best inversion tables that are best suited for home use to check other options available in the market.

The best part about the Health Gear ITM 5500 Inversion Table is that the heat and massage pad can be removed and used separately when you are lying down or seated on a chair.

The backrest is large, padded and very comfortable, making this inversion table a well-built and functional one. Though the massage pad might not be very strong, that is what you could expect at an affordable price.

And yes, this inversion table’s massage pad cannot be compared to that of an expensive massage chair or product.

Overall the Health Gear Brand is quite a good heat as well as inversion table and you can definitely consider purchasing this one for your home.

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