What Is Inversion Therapy?

Back inversion tables have been in the market for more than thirty years already. And one of the leading manufacturers of back inversion tables is the company Teeter.

This is owned by Roger Teeter who suffered from debilitating back pain decades ago.

Roger Teeter in the 60's

Inversion tables are a modern technology for a therapy that has long been used by our ancestors. Inversion therapy is the action or position of hanging the body upside down or at an inverted angle.

Basically, this position helps relieve a person of back pain. The table assists the user in doing exactly what has been mentioned.

The person lies down on the table in a safe and controlled way rather than just hanging upside down like our ancestors did.

And because the user lies down on a table they are secured with straps for the body and bar for the ankle to keep them in place. They can lie down comfortably and with ease. Gravity is reversed and pressure is relieved from the spine.

Relief from back pain is almost instantly achieved even on the first use.




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Teeter Fitspine LX9

Teeter Fitspine LX9

Teeter Fitspine X3

Teeter Fitspine X3

There is also the decompression of the spine because gravity compresses our spine. When you lie on a back inverter table you are relaxed and the compression due to gravity is eliminated.

This also depends on how far back you can invert yourself. This is very different to when you just lie down on your back in the usual regular position.

Stress is also a factor for having back, shoulder and neck pains. With the inversion table you lie down, relax, and you will probably feel the relief almost instantly. Combined with eliminating the feeling of stress you feel renewed too.

With a back inversion table you hang yourself upside down with ease and let the blood flow through your brain.

This action increases the supply of oxygen to your brain making you more mentally alert and sharp.

Yes – it's really GOOD for you!

Inversion Table Benefits

Using a back inversion table very advantageous especially for older people. The older you are the more susceptible you are to experience severe back pains.

Since you aren't as flexible and more prone to accident (possibly severe) – an inversion table is the ideal way to use inversion therapy in a safe and controlled manner.

They are very safe is used correctly.

Consultation from a doctor is advised when you have medical conditions which could restrict you from using an inversion table, such as (but not limited to):

Heart disease
Eye disease (glaucoma)
Pregnant women

The first few times you use an inversion table you should do so with someone with you to assist if you aren't sure what to do, or if get yourself in a situation, or just make sure you're doing it right.

Oh, using an inversion table also helps in maintaining height because studies show that a person usually loses 0.5 to 2 inches in a lifetime.

Especially as we get older.

This is due to the compression of the spine.

By inverting on an inversion table you do a good stretch to your spine. It decompresses it. So a good and correct posture is also achieved and maintained.

So an inversion table has more benefits than just to relive back pain. It also helps keep everything aligned and your spine decompressed.

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