Tips On How To Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain

Pain in the lower part of the spine may be caused by various diseases, sleeping in the wrong position, or due to other causes. Causes can include general injuries, sports injuries, and even by catching a cold.

However, you can rid yourself of back pain very easily. In this article, I will provide you with very useful tips on how to get rid of lower back pain.

Firm Support

If you suffer from lower back pain, you must follow certain rules that will help you to eliminate the aching of the spine. It is recommended to sleep on a more firm mattress.

It is easy to accomplish this by placing a sheet of plywood underneath the mattress. The wood should be approximately 15 to 20 mm in thickness for the best results.

Protection from the Elements

Various illnesses can cause back pain, including the common cold. Pain can radiate into the spinal column. A few tips are important to eliminate back discomfort.

When walking outside be sure you are wearing sufficient clothing to provide protection from the elements. Wear a scarf to cover the face during windy, cold days. Also, it is a good idea to wear proper footwear to keep the feet warm and protected.

Load Limitations

Another great way to eliminate back issues is to limit the amount of load you are placing on the spinal column. Use a two-man lift when moving heavy items.

Two people are always better than one when lifting big objects. If you are carrying heavy sacks of groceries, work to distribute the weight evenly between the arms. This will provide an even weight distribution and help in minimizing trauma to the spine.

Regular Exercise

Exercising on a regular basis is always important to improving spinal strength. It is highly recommended to do physical activity, such as walking, at least 30 minutes each day.

Stretching before the exercise session is equally important to prevent injuries. It should be done gently and slowly.




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To do morning exercises, you will need to wake earlier in the day. Make sure not to do any sudden movement which will further your pain. When you begin exercising, you may experience some soreness.

Through each exercise session, you should see a gradual decrease in this respect.

Well-balanced Meals

Another tip for preventing recurring back pain is to eat a well-balanced diet which is lower in fat and rich in vitamins. Add fresh fruits and veggies to your daily food selections.

Avoid the use of alcohol as much as possible. Eating foods which are steamed, or boiled, are better than fried. For the most optimal results, eat foods in their freshest forms (raw) when feasible.

Monitoring Back Pain

If you are suffering from back pain, it is important to monitor the situation. Take it easy and be sure you are getting plenty of rest. When you are able to begin exercising again, start slowly to prevent aggravation to the condition.

Also, be sure you are gaining valuable nutrition through healthy eating patterns.

Constant Motion

The musculoskeletal system of the human is designed for near constant movement. During movements, you should use correct posture techniques.

To test for true posture, stand next to a wall and see if you have five points touching the wall. If you do, then you are exhibiting the correct posture.

Swimming is a constant motion which can aid the body in becoming pain free. Swimming is recommended three times each week to gain full body benefits.

Water aerobics is also a great option for those who suffer from back and joint pain. Joining a local class will allow proper instruction in exercise presentation.


Here, you have learned some valuable tips to relieve and minimize back pain. When used on a regular basis, these tips will provide effective results.

Consider your daily habits and how they may affect the health of the spine.

Making simple changes can bring comfort and allow you to live free from pain!

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